• Relief for Business Growing Pains

    Getting your own business off the ground is an exciting, but sometimes scary adventure. Even established businesses experience growing pains throughout the life of the company. Olsen Creative combines strategic creative and big business know-how to help lift your business to the next level. Read More
  • Business Growing Pain #1: Realizing you can’t do it all

    Going solo doesn’t mean doing everything yourself. Call upon our creative expertise for your marketing and promotions so you can get back to doing what you do best — wearing the Important, Business-Running, Decision-Making Hat. Read More
  • Business Growing Pain #2: Not enough hours in a day

    We are your creative right hand when you don’t have time to do it yourself. We extend your resources. We partner with you to meet deadlines, focus the message on your target audience, and maintain your business strategy across all media. Read More
  • Business Growing Pain #3: You’re always looking ahead

    Successful businesses plan for growth, even though it pushes you beyond your comfort level. We learn your vision and launch campaigns in the right direction to help you achieve your marketing and creative goals. Read More
  • Business growth managed successfully

    It takes a lot of courage to break away from the crowd. But just because you’re growing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Keep your sense of adventure alive and we’ll help make the creative process a little less risky. Read More
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Strategic creative for growing businesses

If your business is experiencing growing pains, congratulations! All successful businesses have them. They’re an indication that it’s time to make a transition. Maybe it’s time to outsource tasks that are outside of your area of expertise? While we are not business advisors, we are specialists in creative strategy. We promote products and services, in print and on the web.

We've worked on behalf of huge corporations and offer the same high-level perspective to smaller clients who are ready to jump to the next level. With big business know-how, we produce professional-level marketing materials that present a powerful message to your customers and increase your revenue — without the big downtown fees. If you need someone to take on the marketing and creative you've been doing yourself, more time to spend doing what you do best, more time planning for what's ahead — or all of the above — we can give you a lift.

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Services overview:

  • Consulting
  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Statistics
  • Logo Design & Stationery
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance


We'll work with you to craft a professional campaign that effectively represents and promotes your business. Whether online or print media, your projects will be thoroughly planned, with an appealing look and functionality that will inspire your customers (and potential customers) to take action. Just starting up? Don't spend a lot of money — we can recommend some great DIY resources (most for free or very low cost) that you can use to get going.

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Website Design and Development

Some of the most challenging aspects of putting together a website are design and content, not to mention the technology that's under the hood. Not only must the style of the website be appealing and easy to navigate for your customers, but it must contain valuable content that is also search engine friendly so that potential customers can find your site in a search. We produce well-designed, functional websites using this holistic approach.

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Search Engine Optimization

Yours is just one of over a hundred million websites in the world. How will your customers find your site? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one part research, one part marketing, one part technical know-how, and a big part intuition. Knowing your customers will help you determine how they will be searching for you. No one can guarantee the #1 position in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc; but we have the tools you need to help you to increase your current ranking.

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The best way to check how well your website is performing is with a statistics tracking tool. Who visited your site? How many and which pages did they view? How long did they stay? Did they make a purchase? When you sign up for website hosting and maintenance with us, statistics tracking by Awstats is included. We also encourage you to use Google Analytics. Both are highly recommended tools for making educated updates to your website.

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Logo Design & Stationery

Yes, we design logos, too. We are experts at helping you define, clarify and maintain your brand message. Your logo is the primary, consistent identification mark of your business, and the success of your mark depends on how well your customers identify with it. When we design a logo, we will provide suggestions on how it can be applied to various communication mediums. We'll make sure your presentation is consistent and memorable from print to web and back again.

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Marketing and Advertising

Successful small businesses incorporate any and all affordable media tactics to attract new customers. Print marketing efforts should complement — and drive — online initiatives. Different customers receive and respond to messages in different ways. Knowing your customer is essential to determining the best marketing vehicles required to inspire them to respond to your message.

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Website Hosting and Maintenance

One of the key benefits to having a website is the ease and speed by which updates can be made. Content can be posted within moments of breaking news as well as managed and updated at regular intervals. Website maintenance is one of the first services that growing businesses usually want to outsource.

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Website 911

Are you stuck with a website that's out-of-style, out-of-date, not working, or not working for you? Maybe it has been neglected or abandoned? Maybe YOU have been neglected or abandoned? We'll come to the rescue and breathe new life into your site - ASAP!

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