Ads and Direct Mail Portfolio

It's good to know that there's a place where you can meet potential customers every day – at their mailbox. We cut our teeth in the world of direct marketing, so if you're considering testing a direct mail campaign, we have the expertise to help you make it a success. Take a look at some of the compelling ads and direct mail campaigns we've done for our clients.

  • Apple iMac Add-ons direct mail Open or Close

    imaclApple iMac Add-ons

    Client - Apple

    Project - iMac Add-ons direct mail piece

    Objective - Sell accessories from third-party manufacturers to iMac owners

    Solution - Self-mailer folded out to poster. Painterly style was used in Photoshop collage work to reinforce new colors available in hardware.
    Panel 1: Your Computer is in Color
    Panel 2: why accessorize in black & white?
    Panel 3: Mac Zone has add-ons for your iMac in mouth-watering flavors!

    Production notes - 4 colors. 15"x22" flat, 7.25"x7.5" folded.

  • Corel Software Licensing direct mail Open or Close

    corellCorel CLP

    Client - Corel

    Project - CLP Choice direct mail piece

    Objective - Put a lot of information into a tiny package: introduce three Corel software licensing programs, special offers, and new products

    Solution - We presented to the client a poster-sized self-mailer. Eight panels on each side afforded the space needed to tell the story: licensing programs and offers on side one, and new Corel products on side two. Book weight paper kept mailing costs within the original budget.
    Panel 1: How many professionals does it take...
    Panel 2: qualify for Corel Software Licensing?
    Panel 3: Only one. (and that's no joke!)

    Production notes - 4 colors. 19" x 13" flat, 6.75" x 4.75" folded.

  • Henry Cogswell College ad campaign Open or Close

    cogs1lHenry Cogswell College

    Client – Henry Cogswell College

    Project – Print ad campaign

    Objective – Assist in lead generation of full- and part-time students. Achieve 40% growth in full-time numbers for fall 2004, with a challenge goal of 80-100% increase in new full-time students.

    Solution – Developed a brand ad campaign to increase awareness of Henry Cogswell College and its course offerings. The campaign was tailored for specific publications and distribution channels to speak to defined target audiences. Brought the brand to life with actual students expressing passion for their majors.

    Production notes – 1-color

  • IBM Options for ThinkPads direct mail Open or Close

    optionslIBM Options for ThinkPads

    Client - IBM

    Project - Options for ThinkPads direct mail piece

    Objective - Motivate IBM customers to add on to their ThinkPad computers with Options by IBM

    Solution - Unique flap/fold with offers of volume and bundle discounts, products organized according to customer use
    Panel 1: You wouldn't go to work unprepared
    Panel 2: so why make do with a half-dressed ThinkPad?
    Panel 3 (inside): Zones presents the fully dressed-for-success IBM computer

    Production notes - 4 colors

  • Microsoft Upgrade Advantage direct mail Open or Close

    microsoftlMicrosoft Upgrade Advantage

    Client - Microsoft

    Project - Upgrade Advantage direct mail piece

    Objective - Sell Microsoft Upgrade Advantage program and take pre-orders for unreleased MS product

    Solution - The illustrative style communicated the message of upcoming versions of products, and the flexibility of the Upgrade Advantage program

    Production notes - 4 colors

  • Prime Pacific Bank print ad Open or Close

    Prime Pacific Bank Ad

    PrimePacific christmas ad

    Client - Prime Pacific Bank

    Project - Holiday Ad

    Objective - Create 3-color, full page newspaper advertisement

    Solution - Capture the warmth of the season with classic holiday card style (inspired by "It's A Wonderful Life" movie intro credits). Thank neighborhood customers for their business, wish them a joyous season and look forward to serving them in the new year.

  • Zones Software Licensing direct mail Open or Close

    zonesswlZones Software Licensing

    Client - Zones

    Project - Software Licensing direct mail piece

    Objective - Present software licensing as an easy-to-use and low-cost solution to software ownership for small- to medium-sized businesses. Feature programs from key partners: Adobe, Microsoft, Corel.

    Solution - Gate fold was used to gradually tell the story. Full spread featured software programs
    Panel 1: In a fog about software licensing?
    Panel 2: We can clear the way.
    Panel 3: We have over 40 Licensing programs available.

    Production notes - 4 colors