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Get a cool logo that looks like you

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No, we're not saying that having a face on your logo is the answer. We already did that. The "you" we're referring to is the visual expression of your brand. It's like a personality.

oc ladyLet's use the Olsen Creative Lady as an example. At Olsen Creative, we love what we do. We are helpful, approachable and do all we can to demystify the creative process. With good humor, we take your projects seriously, put your business interests first and assure you that everything is going to be OK as we walk through the project. That's our brand statement. It's who we are. And that's why the Olsen Creative Lady is so happy!

When we listen to what you want in your logo, we ask a lot of questions — questions about you, how you relate to your customers, what they say about you, and even what colors you find appealing. What we're really getting to is the bottom line: your brand statement. From that, we can create an image that projects the "personality" of what your brand already has going for it.

We don't make brands, and we don't just design logos that we think are cool. We design logos that communicate your brand value. And that's pretty cool already.

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At the core of every graphic design project is the marketing message. It’s the story. The subject. The essence. Beginning a design without clear direction is a recipe for confusion – that’s evidently how we got the platypus.

The message determines the design. Before you pick a single color or font, know your purpose.

Find the answers to these questions, then let the rest fall into place:

1) Who is your target audience? Learn all you can about the demographics. Who are you speaking to? Male or Female? Young or Mature? Empathize. How would you talk to them if they were sitting in front of you?

2) What does your audience expect? Do they already know your product? Do you need to educate them? How does your product compare to the competition? How can you enlighten your audience?

3) What is the personality of your business, or the Brand? (For the sake of creating a design, the more adjectives you can come up with, the better) How your business presents itself is a key element to making a decision on graphic elements. Be consistent with the Brand personality. Imagine that you are the Brand, and you meet a friend on the street. How do you act? How does this situation differ from when you meet a client in the boardroom? Your business should have a consistent brand standard. Know it and live it. Don’t be visually schizophrenic, like our friend Mr. Platypus.

4) What mood or image do you want this project to convey? Do yourself a service and reflect your brand personality. There’s nothing worse than having an established brand and then creating a very different piece based on your creative whim. There’s no better way to lose your audience than to turn away from your buddy, The Brand. Instead, imagine that this piece is speaking on behalf of the Brand. It’s like writing a script for an established character. If you were going to write a play about, say, Robin Hood, he would have a distinct, recognizeable personality (the Brand), but he could find himself in a myriad of situations (the Project), and would handle himself differently depending on to whom he was speaking (the Audience). "Robin Hood the Dude" has many possibilities, but "Robin Hood the Brand" must stay consistent or he risks being mistaken for another character.

When you’re clear in your direction, you're ready to start designing.

Use what you already know.

Learn what your audience already knows.

Know your purpose.

Be relevant in communicating.



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