Brochures and Catalogs Portfolio

Brochures and catalogs are the more subtle, refined cousins to advertising. Designed to show off products or provide information in an appealing manner, we believe that any printed piece needs to highlight the subject matter in a way that justifies the space. It should feel necessary and relevant. Here are some examples of brochures and catalogs we've designed that do just that.

  • Black Diamond Walking Tour Guide brochure Open or Close

    Black Diamond Walking Tour Guide


    Client - Black Diamond Historical Society

    Project - Walking Tour Guide

    Objective - Document Black Diamond points of interest using Historical Society resources

    Solution - Give viewers a sense of the character of the early mining community in its heyday. Include historical background with points of interest, with special attention to homes, buildings and areas on the National Registry and Washington Historical Registry.

    Production notes - 2 colors. 14.625"x17" flat, 3.66"x8.5" folded.

    Download the whole map in PDF format:
    BDHS_Tour.pdf (3.24MB)

  • Egghead Software catalog Open or Close

    eggheadlEgghead Software

    Client - Egghead Software

    Project - Master Product List

    Objective - Create a quarterly product listing for use in retail stores, corporate sales office, and by key corporate customers

    Solution - 284-page catalog. Products organized by platform, by product category, by manufacturer and by title for ease in cross-referencing.

    Production notes - 4 spot color cover, 1 color inside

  • Prime Pacific Bank financial statement Open or Close

    Prime Pacific Financials

    ptglClient - Prime Pacific Bank

    Project - Quarterly Financial Statement

    Objective - Create a more user-friendly layout for quarterly financial statement

    Solution - Incorporated more call-outs in features to create better eye-flow, and a more down-to-earth color palette was chosen. The 2 colors were mixed to create a 3-color look without adding to the printing costs.

    Production notes - 2/2 colors. 17"x11" flat, 8.5"x11" folded.

    View the Case Study for this project

  • USWest Cellular catalog Open or Close

    uswcatlUSWest Cellular

    Client - USWest Cellular

    Project - Corporate Gift Catalog Insert

    Objective - Incorporate late-breaking product additions into existing corporate gift catalog in an outrageously short time frame

    Solution - 8 page insert, from layout sketch to press, completed in under a week. Shazam!

    Production notes - 4 colors

  • Zones annual reports Open or Close

    Zones Annual Reports

    annreplClient - Zones

    Project - Annual Reports

    Objective - Minimize costs by designing and producing Zones annual reports in-house

    Solution - Cover collages created using a combination of Zones and stock photos

    Production notes - 4 colors + varnishes

  • Zones Business Solutions catalogs Open or Close

    zbs1lZones Business

    Client - Zones

    Project - Zones Business Solutions

    Objective - Create a business-to-business catalog to meet the special needs of IT buyers.

    Solution - Products are organized by complete solution features, with comprehensive product list in back. An introductory paragraph on each spread positions the products as a cohesive solution. This innovative organization is a departure from computer products catalogs that present products in their respective category groups.

    Production notes - 4 colors

    Sample product solution paragraph -

    Superior networking solutions from the industry leaders
    When it comes to your network, don't gamble on no-name components. You can trust the Compaq ProLiant Server for reliable, high-performance computing. Add the industry-standard Cisco router and a Compaq Deskpro and you'll have the best network that your money can buy. And don't forget -- all this hardware needs a solid messaging platform. Microsoft Exchange Server is the best way to communicate across your network. Finally, a high-performance printer from Hewlett-Packard consolidates your workgroup printing. Compaq, Cisco, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. Networking industry leaders brought to you by the networking specialists -- Zones Business Solutions.

  • Zones Home Computer catalogs Open or Close

    homeco2lZones Home Catalogs

    Client - Zones

    Project - Home Computer Catalog

    Objective - Create a quarterly catalog targeted toward the home user in an easy-to-read format

    Solution - Products are organized according to how they're used in the home: The Home Office, The Study, The Game Room, etc... This summer issue featured colorful cartoon-style illustrated backgrounds.

    Production notes - 4 colors