Logo Design Portfolio

Your brand. Your personality. Your signature on everything you do. Branding of cattle and livestock goes back as far as 2000 BC. Evidence of advertising among Babylonians dates back to 3000 BC. How far back does branding go? At least 5000 years. We designed our first logo 30 years ago. Well, in this industry that's a lot of experience.

  • AlumniWine logo Open or Close

    AlumniWine sample

    Client - AlumniWine

    Project - Logo and website design

    Objective - Create logo for website and identity package for university wine fundraising company

    Solution - Tradition + wine. We love a challenge. We chose a Roman-style font with gold surface. The icon is both the top portion of a wine glass and a shield, with a "slosh" of red wine forming the crossbar of the A.

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  • D Jill Pugh logo Open or Close

    djillpugh logo

    Client - Law Office of D Jill Pugh

    Project - logo

    Objective - Create identity package for attorney

    Solution - Logos representing anything in the legal profession must evoke trust above all else. We started with a monogram. The letters “D” and “J” were combined to create a single identifying shape. The maroon brings a traditional grounding to the more powerful red. The stationery also incorporates charcoal gray to further emphasize the color, while maintaining an overall level of sophistication.

  • Independence Mortgage logo Open or Close


    Client - Independence Mortgage Services

    Project - New logo design

    Objective - Create identity package for mortgage company

    Solution - Custom illustrated mustang represents independent nature of business. Muted colors were chosen to represent stability and trustworthiness.

  • Seattle Animal Eye Clinic logo Open or Close

    SeattleAEC logo web

    Client - Seattle Animal Eye Clinic

    Project - Logo and website design

    Objective - Create logo for specialty animal eye clinic website

    Solution - Modern, but softened typography represents specialty eye care and services. Glossy eyes are surrounded by rounded letter edges, emphasizing delicate nature of animal ophthalmology.

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  • Sector Seattle logo Open or Close

    Client - Thirteenth Coast Guard District

    Project - Sector Seattle logo

    Objective - Visually communicate the integration of command functions of Coast Guard Group Seattle, Vessel Traffic Service Puget Sound, and Marine Safety Office Puget Sound under one operational commander

    Solution - Elements of each function are combined into a single, unified message while maintaining heraldic Coast Guard imagery.

  • Zones logo Open or Close


    Client - Zones, Inc.

    Project - Corporate logo creation

    Objective - Create corporate identity to inclusify numerous sub-brands

    Solution - Departure from previous rectangular PC Zone and Mac Zone logos, modern typography is encircled with corporate blue elipse. Branding solidified with company-wide brand roll-out schedule, educating employees on the importance of standard usage across all media. Centralized logo media made easily available on corporate servers.

    Download the brand standards manual. Click to download PDF (112kb)