Packaging Portfolio

Packaging pertains to a container that protects, preserves, transports, informs and sells. We specialize in the latter few. We don't usually design the packages themselves from scratch (although we do have experience with custom die-cuts for 3D pieces). Most of the time we use existing packaging methods and make them special and appealing to your customer. Inserts, labels, outer design - that's what we do.

  • Build-a-Bear Workshops Open or Close

    Build-a-Bear Workshops

    BuildABear teapartyClient - becker&mayer!

    Project - Build-a-Bear Workshop books with kits

    Objective - Contract work for becker&mayer! included photo color correction and outline silouettes for hundreds of images used in three 32-page Build-a-Bear book kits.

    Biggest Challenges - Outlining teddy bear fur, and making them look fuzzy. Color-correcting and matching skin tones across multiple instructional diagrams.

    Build-a-Bear Workshop: Let's Have a Tea Party! - Everything you need to have a tea party with your bear. Includes tiny tea cups and saucers, a tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer, spoons, a doily tablecloth and a 32-page book packed with tea party ideas and recipes.

    Build-a-Bear Workshop: Let's Make Treasure Boxes! - Large and small bear-shaped boxes, a heart-shaped box, stickers, jewels, felt lining, and paint. Use your leftover supplies to create more treasure boxes. The 32-page book is packed with ideas for creating and decorating treasure boxes for every occasion.

    Build-a-Bear Workshop: Let's Make Jewelry! - Make personalized jewelry for you and your bear, including beads that change color when exposed to the sun. Kit includes color-changing beads, charms, cord, and a 32-page with 10 fun-filled jewelry projects for you and your bear.