Website Hosting and Maintenance

One of the key benefits to having a website is the ease and speed by which updates can be made. Content can be posted within moments of breaking news as well as managed and updated at regular intervals. Website maintenance is one of the first services that growing businesses usually want to outsource.

The fact is, you can get up and running with some of the great (and sometimes free) website tools that are available, which is a great way to start – you really get to know how a website affects your business. But there comes a time when all of that DIY geek stuff turns into a big pain in the assets, distracting you from your business priorities. Then your choice is: hire an employee or outsource the work?

That's where we can help. We work as an extension of your business, and you pay only for the level you need us. We've been designing and maintaining websites for over ten years, so updating text and images every month is a piece of cake. Whether your site requires up-to-the-minute updates or content managed over time, our maintenance agreements and hosting plans can be customized to fit your needs.

Website maintenance plans to fit your needs

Online Brochure Website - A few (5-10) pages, mostly non-interactive except for a Contact form.
Sample maintenance plan: Up to three hours per month - $140
Turnaround: Most changes completed in 1-2 business days

Medium-Sized Website - Over 10 pages, Dreamweaver or Wordpress/Weebly-style site; a few products with Buy buttons; blogging and/or multimedia features.
Sample maintenance plan: Up to five hours per month - $325
Turnaround: Most changes completed 2-4 business days, urgent edits within 24 hours

Corporate Website - 100+ pages, static or database-driven, interactive content, eCommerce, feedback forms, lead capturing, blog/commenting, RSS feed, etc...
Sample maintenance plan: Up to ten hours per month - $600
Turnaround: Most changes completed in 3-5 business days, urgent edits within 24 hours

Pay as you go - If you don't need updates very often – say, every other month or less – you can use us when you need us at $75 per hour.

The above examples are approximate. We tailor our Website Maintenance Agreements to suit your needs.

All website maintenance plans include:

  • Priority service - shorter turnaround time than non-contract clients
  • Update or correct web pages with your text and images
  • Browser testing after every edit
  • Monthly backup of your site

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