Logo Redesign

Clarifying the brand image of Everyone Has a Song (EHAS)

Reposition identity of nonprofit school. EHAS is a contemporary education project that uses music production in a unique and relevant way to excite young people about learning and help them experience success. Using music as a catalyst for education, EHAS builds character, confidence and self-esteem in youth who have typically not thrived in traditional settings.

ehas oldThe original logo emphasized a star-making quality, rather than communicating that EHAS is an education project. The type treatment had a casual or irreverent feel, but stylistically didn't support the cultural direction of the school.

Develop a positive image of the high standards of learning at EHAS which will appeal to various entities but communicate a single initiative.

In researching the cultural aspects of EHAS, consideration was given to students, academic advisors, supporters and potential donors. Equally diverse is the curriculum, but the common thread at EHAS is that music is the cornerstone of the learning environment. Whatever the subject at EHAS, music and the business of music creates an analogy to life and learning that clicks with the students and inspires them to see new possibilities. The music focuses on the hip-hop genre and the students are primarily inner-city youth.

ehas new1Solution:
Hip-hop style lettering with graphic representations of education: an open book, an arrow pointing upward. Color palette is derivative of the school's interior. Current graffiti art was emulated to create the up-to-date feel, but executed in such a way to promote a positive image and ensure readability to the uninitiated eye.

Of course, the creative process isn't as simple as drawing a straight line between point A and point B. Below are the logo attempts that didn't make the cut, and the ones that inspired the final design.

EHAS logo on the drawing board

  • EHAS logo 1
  • EHAS logo 2
  • EHAS logo 3
  • EHAS logo 4
  • EHAS logo 5


1) Striving for excellence, educational growth.
Simple and pretty, but doesn't stylistically represent EHAS. Not distinct enough, needs salt...


2) Icon illustrating Education, Enlightenment, Empowerment.
Popular with the directors, but not representative of EHAS the School. Perfect example of how favorites are not necessarily relevant.


3) Icons representing EHAS teaching principles - E3 discipline, holistic approach, pyramid of education, yin-yang of an open-minded environment. Literally relevant, but doesn't stylistically represent EHAS. Too much to look at.


4) Lettering in the ball park.
Style fits the EHAS environment. Embraced by the students, easy to read.


5) Too much like graffiti seen on inner-city businesses, buses and boxcars. EHAS doesn't endorse art crimes, but the open book element was a "keeper". Pushing the envelope establishes your comfort zone and can sometimes reveal pleasant surprises, like the definition of the open book.