User-friendly financial statement

Making a quarterly financial statement more engaging

Prime Pacific Bank is a full service community bank in Washington with locations in Lynnwood and Kenmore. They began in 1995 and serve Snohomish as well as northeast King counties.

Our assignment was to make their quarterly financial statement "Primed to Grow" more visually appealing and easier to read. The original design was two colors on two 8.5x11 sheets, printed on both sides, folded and inserted into a #10 carrier envelope.


First, we put the two sheets onto a single, easier to manage 11x17 sheet with a center fold. Same amount of paper, but now it's all in one piece.

The next thing was to divide the space into visual "gulps," making sidebars, call-outs, and breaking long line lengths of text in single columns into two. We changed the fonts to evoke a more humanistic quality while maintaining the respectable sophistication that a financial institution demands. We added more color variation without actually adding more colors. Two colors were mixed to create the look of many more without increasing printing and production costs.

Only two colors? Looks like more! Read more about creating lush, rich saturated color on a budget as we incorporated into this project.