• Why all the questions
  • How are these questions used?
  • I don't know what color I want.
  • This is going to take forever.
  • I want to get started right away. Can you get to work and we'll figure all this out as we go?

Our New Project questionnaire is a 25 year success story, and well worth a little of your time to reflect upon and answer as you begin your new project.

Whenever we’ve asked a client a question that elicits a quality response (one that helps us to determine an appropriate element), we’ve added it to our list. When other industry pros have shared their Top Questions, we’ve tried them out and adopted the ones that have worked best for us and our clients.

These questions are constantly under development, evolving to meet the demands of a changing industry.

Your answers help us to understand your business so we may recommend marketing and design solutions which are relevant to your unique needs.

We help you develop a “brand personality profile” which is applied to everything from ad campaigns to color palettes.

We never sell this information or use it for purposes other than your projects.

That's okay, we consult with you to understand what you want to express, and then recommend elements that best promote that image. You'll know when the elements are right. You'll feel it.

Yes, answering questions is an investment of your time, and it does require some reflection; but if you’re starting a business or building your current one, you have to do that anyway. Taking time to consider and define your company image will have far-reaching beneficial effects.

That's a very common question.

While free-spirited thinking can make for a wonderful spur-of-the-moment road trip, it wouldn't be recommended in the business world.

The answers to most of these questions are probably already a part of your business culture. If you get stumped, write in "not sure". We're more than happy to help!

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