New project workflow

Client Meeting
We get together to discuss your needs and budget. When we agree on the project and price, you assign us the task of building it. Your answers to the questions we ask in our initial meeting will be assembled in our Creative Brief. As our working relationship builds and we learn more about your business direction and goals, the beginning stages of projects become more streamlined.

Creative Brief
We gather information and develop a comprehensive project proposal, called the "Creative Brief". The Creative Brief includes the project scope, objectives, goals, instructions, schedule, assignments and other pertinent information. The Brief guides the creative team toward meeting the project objectives, resulting in the most effective solutions.

Project Approval
With e-mail confirmation or your signature on the Creative Brief, Terms and Conditions, and the Project Estimate, we get to work.

We usually provide three layout concepts for you to choose from.

Proof #1 - Selection
You make your selection and give feedback to guide us to the final design.

Content creation
Text is written and approved. Images (photos and/or illustrations) are created and approved.

We assemble the final piece according to your suggestions from first proof and approved elements.

Proof #2 - Feedback
Since we've been working closely along the way, changes should be minimal at this stage. We'll ensure an error-free proof - corrections are always made for free.

We make last-minute changes, create the final piece.

Proof #3 - Approval
It's a masterpiece! You approve it with e-mail confirmation or your signature. If there are changes at this stage, we will submit an estimate for our time to make the additions, subject to your approval.

We prepare files for final output, or upload.

Artwork is delivered, or site is launched.