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The Internet is a big place. If you're not in the game, we guarantee that your competitors are. A well-planned and well-developed website is critical to a growing business' success. If your site isn't performing as well as it should, we can give you a lift.

  • AlumniWine website Open or Close

    alumniwinelClient - AlumniWine

    Project - Website and logo design

    Objective - Fundraising with wine to support alumni associations

    Solution - Database-driven dynamic website with content management features select award-winning wines, shopping cart integration; logo and stationery design

    Tech notes - Joomla website, RocketTheme template, custom CSS

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  • Joshua Green Building website Open or Close

    jgblClient - Urban Renaissance Group

    Project - Website for building restoration project

    Objective - Communicate vision, improvements and leasing opportunities proposed for this historic building.

    Solution - Incorporate historical and future imagery, provide building and contact information to potential tenants.

    Tech notes - Hand-coded XHTML/CSS

  • Klamath County, OR website Open or Close

    klamathlClient - Klamath County, OR

    Project - Website redesign

    Objective - Update and upgrade a website that represents Klamath County, and is easily managed by different county departments.

    Solution- Static website emphasizes the area's most recognizable landmark, Crater Lake, in a panorama expanding beyond the bounds of the masthead. Website incorporates a modular format with SSI (Server Side Includes), leaving the main programming functions behind the scenes on the server. The only thing editable within each document is the content specific to the page, making updates super easy for anyone with word processing skills and a basic knowledge of HTML.

    Tech notes - Hand-coded XHTML/CSS/Flash-XML/SSI

  • Northwest Cellars website Open or Close

    nwcl-newClient - Northwest Cellars

    Project - Website for uniquely blended wines, paired with custom, personalized wine labels

    Objective - Website to sell wines with personalized label services

    Solution - Database-driven dynamic e-commerce website with content management tells about Northwest Cellars, lists available wines, showcases personalized wine labels in gallery, calendar of winery events

    Tech notes - Joomla website, RocketTheme template, customized Components, custom CSS

    Read more in our Case Study: Northwest Cellars' Big Website Upgrade

  • Seattle Animal Eye Clinic website Open or Close

    seattleaeclClient - Seattle Animal Eye Clinic

    Project - Website and logo design

    Objective - Upgrade website for specialty animal eye clinic.

    Solution - Database-driven dynamic website with content management. Client registration, downloadable information on animal eye diseases, contact form.

    Tech notes - Joomla website, JoomlaBamboo template, customized Components, custom CSS

    See Seattle Animal Eye Clinic in our Logos Portfolio

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